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Other Artwork
and Work in Progress


The Hunter-Gatherer Tarot-
Tales from the Doggerland Ditch

Less than 10 cards into this ambitious tarot. Ink, pencil and acrylic on wood.


The Birds-Eye Lenormand

Completed, unprinted work of 38 Lenormand Cards.

Sister Deck to Bonefire Tarot and The Wyrd of Sarah Howard Oracle.


Bonefire Tarot- Second Edition

Bonefire Tarot was my very first Tarot Deck. in 2015 the cards were published by Schiffer-Redfeather Publishing house. last year Bonefire has an update. These are a sample of the 9 changed cards I made for Bonefire 2.


Far- Out Tarot- The Kickstarter

We just funded on Kickstarter, and work is underway to get the 500 decks printed and expect to fulfill pledges by November 2024.

Thank you to Backers! Extra decks to go on sale after fulfillment.

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